We grow seaweed in Scotland’s pristine North Atlantic waters to meet the increasing
demand for sustainable raw materials used in bio-packaging, nutraceuticals and
nutrient rich healthy foods.


Seaweed Farming Scotland Limited is a start-up business cultivating native Scottish seaweed species.

The impact objective is sustainable production of seaweed for a range of commercial applications.

We are pioneers in the sustainable farming of seaweed in the UK and promote responsible management of the ocean's resources. Our team of engineers have been involved in seaweed aquaculture since 2012 when they designed and installed the UK's first experimental seaweed farm in Scotland.

Our ambition is to expand into Europe, US and the developing world. 
Seaweed Farming Scotland Limited operates in 
Oban, Argyll with an office in Edinburgh.





Our mission is to achieve sustainable and profitable commercial scale

cultivation of native seaweeds in communities where we farm.